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Engineers warn of looming UK energy gap

Engineers warn of looming UK energy gap

1st February 2016

A new report by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers has warned that phasing-out coal and nuclear reactors without alternatives will combine to create a supply crunch in a decade’s time.

The research suggest that the UK is facing an unprecedented “energy gap” with demand for electricity likely to outstrip supply by more than 40 per cent, which could lead to black outs.

Jenifer Baxter, head of energy and environment at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, stated that “Under current [government] policy, it is almost impossible for UK electricity demand to be met by 2025”.

As many as 30 new gas-fired power stations are likely to be needed to make up the supply deficit, according to the report, but these are not being built. Reforms to the electricity market brought in under the previous coalition government are also not helping to encourage construction.