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Carbon Connect's membership comprises leading organisations with interests in energy and climate change, committed to promoting effective energy and climate change policy in the UK.

Carbon Connect is entirely committed to being open and transparent about its members and activities. Membership is open to any organisation that wishes to support the UK's transition to a low carbon economy. To find out more about becoming a member, please get in touch.

What Our Members Say:

“Carbon Connect’s programme of regular events and research is extremely useful to our organisation. The parliamentary events have not only given us the chance to hear from and network with leading experts but to take part in the key policy debates within the energy and heat sector. Having the opportunity to contribute to Carbon Connect’s independent research inquiries has also been hugely rewarding.” Isaac Occhipinti - Head of External Affairs, Energy and Utilities Alliance

“Carbon Connect’s parliamentary roundtables are highly interesting and very useful for our work. They give us the chance to regularly engage with parliamentarians and network with key stakeholders across the energy sector. Carbon Connect’s projects are particularly valuable because of their cross party and independent nature.” Neil Schofield - Head of External Affairs, Worcester Bosch