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Roundtable: Next Steps for Heat Policy

Roundtable: Next Steps for Heat Policy

20th March 2018
2 Hours

Heat accounts for almost half of UK primary energy use and around a third of greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing the emissions associated with heating for domestic, commercial and industrial use will be essential if the UK is to meet its climate change targets.

This roundtable will consider the policy instruments which have so far been used to support the decarbonisation of heat supply, including the Renewable Heat Incentive and the Heat Networks Delivery Unit. It will also examine the most useful potential next steps in heat policy in the coming years.


Caroline Flint MP


Frank Aaskov - REA

Brian Tilley - E.ON

Lily Frencham - the ADE

Elliot White - National Audit Office

Phil Hurley - NIBE

Robert Sansom - Independent Expert