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Spring Budget 2017

Spring Budget 2017

13th March 2017

The Spring Budget confirmed the following information of relevance to the waste and resources sector:

Landfill Tax – The value of the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) for 2017-18 will remain unchanged at £39.3 million and the cap on contributions by landfill operators will be increased to 5.3%. This cap will be maintained, subject to consideration of Landfill Tax receipts, continued progress in reducing the level of unspent funds held by environmental bodies and the proportion of LCF funds spent on administration costs. The government will also consult on extending the scope of Landfill Tax to illegal disposals of waste made without the required permit or licence. 

Packaging recycling targets – The government will legislate to set new statutory packaging recycling targets for 2018 to 2020, to ensure compliance with the Packaging Directive. By 2020, the government will increase recycling targets for paper to 75.0%, aluminium to 64.0%, steel to 85.0% and for wood packaging to 48.0%. Targets for overall packaging recycling will increase to 75.4% and for recovery to 82.0% by 2020