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Coffey gives evidence on food waste to EFRA Committee

Coffey gives evidence on food waste to EFRA Committee

24th April 2017

The waste and resources Minister, Dr Therese Coffey MP, was grilled by MPs on food waste in England. Key responses from her answers include: 

Mandatory national food waste reduction target

  • Government will not introduce one because it believes it is "best to work with councils, encouraging them through our delivery partner, WRAP, to come up with solutions that best suit local communities".

Mandatory separate food waste collections

  • The Government is not considering introducing mandatory separate food waste collections in England


  • It is not Government "philosophy" to pass legislation to require food businesses to publicly report data on food waste.


  • Government intends to publish guidance on labeling and 'freeze by' dates by the end of the year.

Tax measures

  • Government outlined that it does not think using tax measures to change company behaviour would be effective at improving food redistribution.

Redistribution to livestock

  • Government does not believe it is "worth the risk" to revisit policy on diverting waste food (containing meat) to feed livestock.