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When the Troggs sang ‘Love is all around’ in 1967, they had an instant hit and 15 consecutive weeks at NO 1 of the UK charts. ‘Data is all around’ might not make for a great record title, but it would be just as true. No matter what you do or who you are, data is truly all around us, shaping the way we do things.

Given the sheer omnipresence of data and its uses, it is remarkable how little the public and to some extent the parliamentarians elected to represent them, know about data analytics and the rules governing it. That’s where we come in: at the All Party Parliamentary Group for Data Analytics, we have made it our mission to bridge the gulf between the public and parliamentary understanding of data analytics and its importance. 

To this end, we have set up an exciting series of events aimed at highlighting the multi-facetted ways in which Data Analytics impacts all our lives. Whether you use the NHS, use your local council services, do your shopping online or vote in elections, Big data is always there. This is precisely why we think that Britain needs smart regulation to ensure businesses can thrive and consumers have their privacy and personal data protected.