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APGDA release briefing on online and digital identity

APGDA release briefing on online and digital identity

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Data Analytics (APGDA), chaired by Daniel Zeichner MP, has released a policy briefing on how individuals can prove their identity online and noting key policy issues for parliamentarians to consider in terms of the existing legislation.

The briefing was prepared by the APGDA following two roundtable discussions held in January 2018 that brought together leading industry figures with academics, MPs and privacy campaigners.

With the imminent introduction of GDPR, continuing debates over the Data Protection Bill currently taking place in the House of Commons, and with the recent controversy over the use of social media content by firms such as Cambridge Analytica, this timely briefing notes how online and digital identity has become vital for how members of the public engage with key services. Individuals are increasingly reliant on the internet for things ranging from applying for a passport, to booking hospital appointments, to checking their bank accounts, and having access to a common, secure platform is essential to protecting their personal details and being protected from fraud.

This paper defines digital identity and highlights key recommendations for MPs and Peers to take into account in the months ahead.