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Digital Skills Roundtable

Digital Skills Roundtable

27th June 2018

A report by the Royal College of the Arts has estimated that the rise of automation and the next generation of robots could lead to over four million jobs becoming obsolete by 2030. Technological change is already leading to substantive model shifts in the nature of work and employment.

Centre for Cities has found that urban areas in the North of England - including those most affected by deindustrialisation, the financial crisis, and Brexit - will be most affected by these changes.

Even for those people in roles likely to be insulated from the most significant disruption, new training and development will still be a necessity.

This timely roundtable will bring together Parliamentarians and leading figures from the Big Data sector to discuss how people can gain new skills to allow them to adapt for changing nature of work. By improving how people access and use data and improve their awareness of digital matters, the UK can become a world leader amongst leading economies, as well as finding a solution to the national productivity crisis.

The roundtable will discuss a number of key points that will be adapted into a full term paper that will be circulated to MPs, Peers and relevant figures in HM Treasury, BEIS and DCMS.

Key Questions:

  1. What new skills are likely to be required by the national workforce in coming decade?
  2. In what ways can government and business ensure that employees are given the resources to upskill themselves to meet future challenges?
  3. How can data be used to address likely regional imbalances in economic output and productivity?
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