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Report Launched: Digital Accessibility and Education

Report Launched: Digital Accessibility and Education

30th June 2018

The APPGAT has launched a new report that addresses new digital accessibility regulations and what they mean for colleges and universities. The report, co-chaired by Seema Malhotra MP (Labour) and Lord Holmes (Conservative) will develop recommendations for both government and the education sector, to use the regulations as an opportunity to make teaching more inclusive for everyone. 

The new regulations come law just as the new academic year begins in late September and have already been published in draft by the Government. The APPGAT report will be published later in the summer. The APPGAT has already heard from representatives the National Union of Students, the British Dyslexia Association, the RNIB and many others. If you would like to provide evidence to the report, please reply to this email or email

Writing in Politics Home, Seema Malhotra, noted that: 

Disabled students have long struggled with inaccessible university and college websites. Using a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is now essential to most courses: these websites are often the only means to get information on the parameters for an assignment, read study materials, register for modules, and hand in work. When students can’t use a VLE, they can’t access their course. A lack of awareness and digital skills is preventing universities and colleges from adopting this inclusive practice.potential to spark an accessibility revolution in further and higher education: universities and colleges will dramatically improve their online resources if they adopt the standards in the Directive, and the skills and institutional awareness resulting from this effort can take the sector beyond mere compliance, making accessibility a core component of teaching in the digital age 

APPGAT associate members Blackboard Ally have generously sponsored Policy Connect to manage the report prosses for the APPGAT.