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A child's right to talk

A child's right to talk

22nd October 2018

The APPGAT is partnering with Manchester Metropolitan University to disseminate the findings of the I-ASC project research into symbol communication aids. 

Many children benefit from using a communication aid. However, there remains a high level of abandonment of this equipment. The I-ASC project explored the assessment process of matching the child to the most suitable communication aid. This three-year NIHR-funded study has produced findings with important implications for policy makers, clinical practitioners, teachers, researchers and developers as well as those who use AAC and their families.

The APPGAT will hold a day-long conference on to bring together parliamentarians, professionals working in schools, specialist hubs and local services; researchers and funding councils; and civil servants and civil society organisations, and those who use AAC and family members themselves, to explore and discuss the research findings. The study and its dissemination is aimed at influencing future practice to improve provision in this important area. This year marks the 10 year anniversary of the Bercow Review of services for children and young people with speech language and communication needs, and the Rt Hon John Bercow will give our welcome address at the start of the day.