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The APPCOG Stakeholder Forum

The APPCOG Stakeholder Forums brings together a range of professionals and interested parties spanning the fire brigade to the gas industry to tourism organisations to manufacturers.

Chaired by Chris Bielby, the forum meets three times a year to share expertise on carbon monoxide safety and incident patterns, consider how to best raise awareness, and discuss upcoming work.

If you would like to learn more about the Stakeholder Forum, please get in touch.

COMed Group

COMed is a subgroup of the APPCOG which provides formal expertise on CO in the healthcare sector. It is dedicated to bringing together medical and healthcare professionals to tackle and prepare for the problems of CO poisoning.

The group meets 3 times a year to co-ordinate activities, and is chaired by Isabella Myers BSc DIC MSc MRSB.

In October 2017, COMed published 'Carbon monoxide poisoning: saving lives, advancing treatment' as a call for action across the healthcare sector. The report included specialist essays from a range of medical and health care professionals, from midwives to neurophysioliogists. 

For more information, please get in touch.

CO+ Science & Technology Group

The CO+ Science & Technology Group (CO+ Sci-Tech) brings together professionals and organisations concerned with research and new technologoy in the field of carbon monoxide and other harmful products from the process of burning fossil and similar fuels (CO+ for short). 

The CO+SciTech Group specifically aims to bridge the gap between physical/chemical research and medical/toxicological research and the gap between science and applied technology, where those exist. It is chaired by Roland Wessling from Cranfield University.

The Group brings together organisations and individuals engaged in research projects, allowing them to discuss progress and results, and showcase their work to the media, politicians and industry representatives.  An example of an ongoing project was announced on February 11th 2014, with the Gas Safety Trust funding a Cranfield University study into the 'Effect of Carbon Monoxide on Populations in Different Environments'.

For more information on the Group, or to find out more about becoming a member please contact the secretariat here.

Advisory Board

The APPCOG Stakeholder Forum Advisory Board is made up of some of the most prominent figures in CO safety community, and works throughout the year on the agenda of the Stakeholder Forum.