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New CO regulations explored on BBC radio

New CO regulations explored on BBC radio

7th October 2015

Issues surrounding the new Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Regulations for England have been explored on the BBC Radio 4 consumer affairs programme You & Yours.

The regulations, which came into force last Thursday, make it a requirement for landlords to install carbon monoxide alarms in rooms that contain solid-fuel appliances, such as woodburners or coal stoves. 

In the programme, property market analyst Kate Faulkner talks about the role that industry, government and local authorities should play in educating private landlords regarding their obligations. Faulkner also discusses the How to Rent Guide, which is produced by the Department for Communities & Local Government to inform both landlords and tenants regarding their rights and responsibilities. 

Also, Stacey Rodgers, activist and founder of the Dominic Rodgers Trust, talks on how the current regulations do not go far enough to protect tenants, and urges for carbon monoxide alarms to be fitted in all homes.   

To listen to the programme, please click here. The piece on the new regulations runs from 11:38-18:20. 


  • At 15:29, the host Winifred Robinson states that similar regulations will be brought into force in Scotland from December. In fact, regulations coming in following the passing of the Housing (Scotland) Act (2014) will require private landlords in Scotland to install carbon monoxide alarms in properties that contain any fuel-burning appliances, including gas appliances. In addition, following requirements introduced in 2013, alarms must be fitted in all dwellings in Scotland where a new or replacement fixed combustion appliance (excluding an appliance used solely for cooking) of any fuel type is installed.
  • At 15:39, Robinson states that in Northern Ireland all homes are required to have CO alarms installed. In fact, alarms are required where a new or replacement combustion appliance, not designed solely for cooking purposes, is installed in a dwelling.