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Carbon Monoxide Experts Gather in European Parliament

Carbon Monoxide Experts Gather in European Parliament

8th November 2018

On the 6th November, Policy Connect attended the 8th Carbon Monoxide (CO) Round table at the European Parliament, organised by The Council of Gas Detection and Environment Monitoring (CoGDEM).

Hosted by MEPs Marian Harkin (Ireland) and Linda McAvan (UK) in the heart of the European Parliament, this roundtable brought together medical experts and researchers from across Europe to discuss how their countries were responding to the challenges of CO.

Speaking at the roundtable were:

  • Dr. Hella Körner-Goebel (Medical Consultant Anaesthetist, Germany)
  • Srikanth Mangalam (Public Risk Management Institute, Canada)
  • Leigh Greenham (CoGDEM, United Kingdom)
  • Dr. Monique Mathieu-Nolf (Lille Anti-poison Centre, France)
  • Dr. Michal Werner (Hyperbaric Centre, Poland)
  • Julie Connolly (Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom)
  • Tania Vandenberghe (ANEC, the  European consumer voice in standardisation)

The roundtable covered numerous developments in the world of CO. These included: raising awareness amongst medical professionals and the general public, such as the new awareness campaign in Germany, ‘CO macht KO’; what best practice was for triaging and the immediate treatment of CO; different countries’ approaches to using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy; CO incident trends; creating international partnerships; and supporting new research via organisations including the International Carbon Monoxide Research Network (ICORN). The event also discussed lesser-known but still highly important topics including combatting CO in unorthodox settings such as residential boats, and the importance of listening to the stories of CO survivors to inform best practice.

If you would be interested in learning more about CoGDEM’s roundtable or want to contact any of the speakers, please email Leigh Greenham at CoGDEM.