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APPCCG Officers meet with Foreign & Commonwealth Office Minister, Mark Field

APPCCG Officers meet with Foreign & Commonwealth Office Minister, Mark Field

19th March 2018

On 13 March 2018, the officers of the APPCCG met with Foreign & Commonwealth Office Minister, Mark Field MP and the Special Representative for Climate Change, Nick Bridge.

Minister Mark Field spoke to the officers about the connection between security and climate change and how this is being highlighted in his international engagements, particularly in the context of the OECD and the UN. This meant that the UK was encouraging other bodies, outside of the EU, to promote the climate change agenda.

Special Representative Nick Bridge emphasised the need to influence other countries on climate change as the UK could be severely impacted by climate change but is only responsible for 1-2% of emissions. There is thus a need to influence and engage other countries to reduce emissions. He lauded the Climate Change Act as very useful in encouraging a dialogue and has set a standard for the UK and the world. He further highlighted that the current public interest in plastic in oceans could be leveraged to support the wider climate change agenda.

APPCCG officers highlighted issues around the aspirational target of 1.5 degrees, the upcoming IPCC report, the need to build on the architecture of the Climate Change Act and exporting technology to developing nations especially wind as it is now significantly cheaper. The meeting also touched on the economic benefits of offshore wind and the business energy efficiency taxation review, but also highlighted that the UK still generates 24% of its energy from coal and that there is a need to develop storage for wind energy.