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    Build Back Better - If not now, when?

    With the first Covid wave behind us, more attention is being paid to the type of society we want to rebuild. Many have rallied around the demand to ‘Build Back Better’ – in part as a response to the need for rapid climate action.

    In this blog, Jake Ainscough discusses Government action to date on climate priorities, and what we might expect from the coming months. 

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  • New Feature

    New core sponsorship agreement with PwC

    Policy Connect is excited to announce a new 15-month core sponsorship agreement with PwC to support the work of the All-Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group (APPCCG). Since 2018 PwC have provided guidance to the APPCCG through membership of the Advisory Board. This new agreement provides additional support in this crucial year ahead of the COP26 climate conference.

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  • New Feature

    APPCCG Net Zero Essay Collection

    Policy Connect’s sustainability team has launched an exciting new project to curate a collection of essays on meeting the UK’s target of net zero emissions by 2050. Essays will be authored Members of Parliament working with leading UK academics.

    The collection will focus on how to deliver climate policy within energy, construction, industry, transport, consumption, and land use, with a consideration of local, national and international contexts. Each essay will take a sectoral or cross-cutting issue and examine the challenges and opportunities for delivering solutions in that area.


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  • New Feature

    Once the storm is over - how sustainable spending can look post covid-19

    As the covid-19 shutdown weighs heavily on the global economy, comparisons are being made with the 2008 financial crisis. In 2008 there were already voices arguing for ‘green’ stimulus packages. Although such calls were ignored last time, the motivating environmental concerns have only grown in the intervening decade, and the voices calling for action have grown with them.


  • New Feature

    APPCCG launches COP26 inquiry

    The All-Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group is launching a series of evidence session to explore the UK's preparations for COP26

    This project will look at the key procedural issues to be addressed in the run up to COP26 as well as the substantive issues to be debated at the conference. With the conference now postponed and covid19 requiring a significant Government coordination effort, the first evidence sessions in the series will focus on the new challenges facing conference preparations.


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  • New Feature

    Will the Climate Assembly work?

    This weekend will be the third gathering of the 110 person Climate Assembly commissioned by the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Select Committee in partnership with five other select committees. In this article, Jake Ainscough discusses the importance of the 'citizens assembly' and the task it has been given. 


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The APPCCG is the leading forum informing the climate change discussion between parliamentarians, business leaders, NGOs and academics.  

We are a coalition of leading businesses, parliamentarians and organisations informing better policy-making in government. The APPCCG aims to put climate change mitigation and adaptation and at the core of policy making and political activity in Parliament.

The APPCCG aims to encourage effective policymaking in Westminster through a number of key events, roundtable discussions and fundamental research activity.