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The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Skills and Employment (APGSE) works with a number of organisations with an interest in driving forward the skills agenda. These non-Parliamentary members are able to make important contributions to the skills debate and to feed directly into the work of policy makers.

 Our members

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Organisations which can benefit from joining and engaging in the skills debate include employers, learning providers, skills agencies, unions and NGOs. In joining the APGSE, organisations benefit through contribution and participation in the following areas:


A regular calendar of parliamentary meetings is provided (once a month while Parliament is in session). These take the form of breakfast briefings, roundtable seminars, conferences, dinners and receptions. The meetings address key skills issues and there are substantial opportunities for engagement and input. Summaries of events are sent to all members of the Group to allow those who aren't able to attend to stay informed on the Group's activities.

Policy Research

Through its links to parliamentarians, research organisations, employers and skills agencies, the APGSE is able to draw on a wealth of experience to undertake research on skills and education policy. Members have the opportunity to input into the Skills Commission's research programme and are interviewed as part of consultative research projects, as well as having access to all research publications.


The APGSE campaigns to raise the profile and status of vocational education, in Parliament and beyond. The Group works to assist the development of skills policy and seeks to make skills a priority across Government and across the country.

Information Services

Members receive a monthly e-bulletin informing them of developments in Westminster, including relevant debates, motions and parliamentary questions, together with skills-related news updates. The secretariat to the group also produce detailed briefing notes to keep members informed of the latest policy developments. 


Members have an exceptional opportunity to network with politicians, professionals, industry leaders, academics and skills stakeholders at APGSE events. Members can also raise their profile by submitting news and press releases for the Group's e-bulletin.

For more information about becoming a member of the APGSE, please contact