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Roundtable: A Budget for Skills and Employment?

Roundtable: A Budget for Skills and Employment?

28th November 2017

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Skills and Employment will deliberate and discuss what the key announcements from the 2017 Autumn Budget mean for UK skills provision. 

Amidst a climate of Brexit and uncertain economic growth, the Chancellor, Philip Hammond announced a range of measures to develop UK skills. The principle rationale for this focus is to make sure the UK's "workforce is equipped with the skills they will need for the workplace of the future”, stated the Chancellor. New initiatives include improving access to core maths qualifications at level three, with a £600 premium for schools for every extra pupil who takes it. There will be investment towards a National Retraining Scheme which aims to help adults re-skill in the digital and construction sectors. Thirdly the Budget has committed an additional £20 million to help FE colleges deliver the T-Levels. 

The event is an opportunity to examine the assumptions behind the Budget’s measures and the kind of impact each initiative will have. The event will be chaired by Nic Dakin MP. 

If you would like more information, please contact Simon Kelleher, the Group’s secretariat at He can provide further details on the Group and the event.