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In conversation with Lord Forsyth

In conversation with Lord Forsyth

18th July 2018

The APGSE hosted an interactive conversation with Lord Forsyth in the Palace of Westminster. The event took place during one of the most memorable weeks in Westminster for education policy, with controversy over the role out of T Levels.

Lord Forsyth is the chairman of the Lords Economic Affairs Committee, which has recently published a report entitled: ‘Treating Students Fairly: The Economics of Post-School Education’. The report goes into detail on the funding issues facing both FE and HE and is particularly critical of the lack of support FE institutions have received.

The event was chaired by Stephen Exley, FE Editor for TES.

Lord Forsyth reiterated his criticisms of government policy, particularly the accounting trick behind HE funding and deficit figures.

The role out of T Levels and Anne Milton's admission that she would not yet recomend them to her children were also dicussed, as was the divesity of the HE sector.

Palace of Westminster