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APDIG release response to Industrial Strategy consultation

APDIG release response to Industrial Strategy consultation

19th April 2017

The All Party Design and Innovation Group, in collaboration with the Design Business Association and the British Industrial Design Association, are deighted to issue their response to the Government's Industrial Strategy Consultation.

This response, issued following the Government's publication of the Building Our Industrial Strategy green paper. calls for design to be placed at the centre of the new industrial policy. In a wide-ranging consulation that enganged with stakeholders from across the sector, including businesses, academics and individual designers, this response sets out a bold vision where design works across the 'Ten Pillars' of the new industrial strategy. 

Design does not exist in isolation. It works across all levels of the economy, allowing for innovation to take place in sectors ranging from agriculture to robotics. As Britain prepares to leave the European Union, it is vital that design is seen both as a major contributor to the British economy in its own right, as well as a driver for growth in terms of both commercialising innovation and bosting productivity. 

The DBA, APDIG and BIDA call for the Government to think carefully about the role of design and its potential contribution to a positive future for the British economy.  In developing a good working relationship with the design profession, the new Industrial Strategy can work to support and reward this vital sector of the economy, giving it the potential to grow itself, and to facilitate the development of businesses in both a sectoral and regional way.