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Energy efficiency helped save £290 a year on bills

Energy efficiency helped save £290 a year on bills

16th March 2017

Action to tackle climate change and improve energy efficiency has occurred alongside reductions in household energy bills since the Climate Change Act was passed, new analysis by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) shows. While measures to deliver a cleaner, low-carbon electricity system added around £9 a month to the typical UK household energy bill in 2016, this was more than offset by a cut of over £20 per month due to reduced energy demand mainly from more efficient lights and appliances.

The CCC’s report states the gradual shift towards low carbon electricity could add between £85 to £120 per year to a typical bill by 2030 if further policies to meet UK climate goals are put in place. However it suggests further improvements in energy efficiency have the potential to deliver savings worth £150 – or more if wholesale costs continue to rise.

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