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Policy Connect is the leading network of Parliamentary groups, research commissions, forums and campaigns (hereafter: the groups)  working to inform and improve UK public policy. Working across a wide range of policy areas, covering mainstream and niche issues, the Policy Connect network of groups is recognised for providing the highest quality in impartial, policy-led research, events and campaigning. Our vision is better public policy. Policy Connect is a private limited company, a social enterprise and a not for profit organisation. Secretariat and administrative services are provided to the groups in the network by Policy Connect. These services include:
  • Project and event management
  • Research and report production
  • Stakeholder outreach
  • Governance and financial management of the groups
 These services incur a range of costs to the organisation:
  • Shared cost of office accommodation 
  • Staff directly working for the groups 
  • Telephone, IT, web and email hosting
  • HR services and staff training
  • Accounting and auditing
  • Central support staff
 Each group has its own management to administer its individual programme and financial resources. This is complimented and overseen by central administrative and management support by Policy Connect. Groups generate revenue at different levels through third party membership subscriptions, project sponsorship or grants/core funding. This revenue is used to fund each group’s work programme and contribute towards the cost of central administrative and management services. The medium term aim of each group is to balance income and operational costs.   Income generated by membership and sponsorship can vary considerably across groups and across years. The nature of funding streams means that surpluses and deficits can cluster, dictated by annual membership renewal, or project lifecycles. This also means that groups in surplus can vary from year to year, as receipt of income is not always regular. The overarching task of Policy Connect, as a not for profit organisation, is to help balance income across groups, which all work collectively to achieve the aims of better public policy and this means that sometimes groups cross-subsidise other groups within Policy Connect. This allows innovative, agile work to continue across the organisation, whilst a safety net is provided, which the majority of groups have historically relied upon at various times. Each group’s activity, agenda and financial probity are scrutinised by the board of directors at Policy Connect (supported by a Management and Finance Sub-committee). There is also an internal staff scrutiny team and an independent Scrutiny Committee;  both consider and make recommendations on scrutiny related issues. In addition, each Parliamentary group submits reports to the APPG Registrar in line with the updated APPG Rules.  To support Policy Connect’s commitment to transparency we choose to have an annual external audit of our accounts. We have a financial control framework, approved by the Policy Connect Board, clear budgets and accountability, and regular monitoring.