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Cyber Security - What now after WannaCry? Roundtable

Cyber Security - What now after WannaCry? Roundtable

16th October 2017

Cyber security has come to the forefront of public attention relatively recently, when rising numbers of cyber-attacks, such as data theft, large scale bot attacks and attacks by ransomware on companies and public institutions were recorded.

The most prominent of these was the global cyber-attack using the ‘WannaCry’ ransomware virus in May 2017. This has brought the potential enormous damage that cyber-attacks can cause to the forefront and forced a re-think among policy makers. It is time to take cyber security seriously, and the APGDA looks to make a significant contribution to shaping the debate by hosting an event featuring an expert panel featuring industry leaders and policy makers. The event will focus on ways to enhance cyber security in the public and the private sector.

The debate will focus on the following aspects:

  • Liability for data theft: current vs. desirable rules
  • How to improve security of public service digital infrastructure
  • Product regulatory approaches
  • Economic incentives for software developers to take cyber security seriously
  • Encryption: Solution or government dilemma?
  • Technical solutions
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