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"What about me?" has been put together to help those living with chronic pain. The CPPC believes that each patient should have access to as many well-informed resources as possible. With this in mind, this part of the CPPC website aims to aid you, the chronic pain sufferer, manage as well as possible with the day-to-day struggles associated with this life-altering long-term condition.

Firstly, it's important to know that you are not alone. New research published this year found that there were 28 million people across the UK that were living with some form of chronic pain. Of those, 8 million were living with pain that was classed as moderately to severely disabling.

Chronic pain is known by several different terms: chronic pain, persistent pain and long-term pain. They all mean the same thing and on this website we will be using the phrase ‘chronic pain’. The following pages provide information and useful links to help you understand chronic pain and work out how you can manage this as well as possible. 

We have split the information into four sections, each with its own webpage. Use the below menu links to navigate around the pages.

We hope that this website will help by providing you with links to pain charities, suggestions for treatments and generally help you to feel more informed and supported.

We are constantly updating these webpages, so if you would like to suggest any changes please do contact us by emailing