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  • New Feature

    What about me?

    Are you a patient suffering with chronic pain?

    The CPPC believes that every patient should have the very best resources made available to them.

    We have a decicated part of our website aimed at supporting you, the chronic pain patient. Our "What about me?" page holds a variety of resources to help empower you, provide advice and give support when you need it. 


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  • New Feature

    Chronic Pain Policy Coalition launches Parliamentary chronic pain guide

    The Chronic Pain Policy Coalition (CPPC) launched its Parliamentary guide to chronic painThe Hidden Suffering of Chronic Pain this November to a completely booked out event.

    With 80 attendees including healthcare experts, Peers and Parliamentarians, the CPPC introduced the booklet and how it explained just how much chronic pain can affect the British population. It is estimated that 14 million people endure chronic pain, of which 25% end up unable to work/losing their job.

    You may find this guide useful as a resource to explain chronic pain to others and to explore new options to help you treat your pain.

    You can read more about it and download your own copy here.

  • New Feature

    About chronic pain

    Would you like to know more about chronic pain?

    Chronic pain is pain that persists beyond the normal time of healing, or occurs in diseases in which healing does not take place. It is estimated that 14 million people live with chronic pain in England alone. In 2011, 31% of men and 37% of women reported persistent pain. 

    The CPPC has a variety of resources to help inform you about what chronic pain is and how it may affect you, your family, your business and society as a whole. For more information, please click the link below.


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  • New Feature

    EU Civic Prize on Chronic Pain - Collecting good practices


    The Active Citizenship Network, the European branch of the Italian organisation Cittadinanzattiva, recently launched their first ”EU Civic Prize on Chronic Pain - Collecting good practices” competition. 

    To find out more information, please click here.

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The CPPC unites patients, professionals and parliamentarians to drive forward an improved strategy for the prevention, treatment and management of chronic pain and its associated conditions.