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Carbon Connect is undertaking a research project to investigate the opportunities offered by low carbon gas to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions and the policy developments which are required to enable its deployment as a source of energy.

Part 1 of the Future Gas Series was completed in September 2017, with the publication in Parliament of the report 'Next Steps for the Gas Grid'.

Part 2 of the Future Gas Series was launched in October 2017, and will explore issues surrounding the production of low carbon gas.

The Future Gas Series will draw on the recent work which has demonstrated the considerable potential for low carbon gas to contribute to the UK’s attempts to decarbonise heat at an affordable cost (as well as make a contribution to this objective in other sectors) and, in particular, assess the practical steps which are required to achieve this.

This research project will be broken up into three separate but linked inquiries, each culminating in a published report. The inquiries will examine the following three broad areas:

  1. Issues Related to the Gas Distribution Network and Local Storage
  2. Issues Related to the Production and Bulk Storage of Low Carbon Gas
  3. Issues Related to Consumers and the Development of Compatible Appliances 

The Future Gas Series builds upon Carbon Connect’s most recent research projects: the Future Electricity Series and the Future Heat Series.

“I welcome Carbon Connect’s latest research project. It is essential that the newly configured Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy is an effective vehicle for action on climate change. The Future Gas Series will help to inform the transition to a low carbon economy and I look forward to reading its conclusions." Iain Wright, former Chair of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee.

“I am very excited to be involved with Carbon Connect’s Future Gas Series. This research project will allow us to look in real detail at the potential offered by low carbon gas to supply decarbonised heat. It will also provide the perfect platform for extensive dialogue between experts, key stakeholders and policymakers.” 

Dr Alan Whitehead MP, Labour Member of Parliament for Southampton Test & former Shadow Energy and Climate Change Minister.

“The Future Gas Series is incredibly timely. There is an urgent need for progress in the area of heat decarbonisation and low carbon gas could make a significant contribution to this. I look forward to working with Carbon Connect on this project.” Callum McCaig, former SNP Member of Parliament for Aberdeen South & former SNP Spokesperson on Energy and Climate Change.

“I am delighted to be collaborating with Carbon Connect on this useful research project. This type of work is essential to determine the next steps which are required to reduce the UK’s emissions while maintaining a secure and affordable supply of energy.” James Heappey MP, Conservative Member of Parliament for Wells.

"Heat decarbonisation policy is possibly the single biggest issue to resolve if we are going to meet the carbon budgets in the 2020s (and beyond), and a big part of that is working out the future of our gas network infrastructure. This new research project comes at an important time." Jenny Hill, Senior Analyst, Heat, Committee on Climate Change Secretariat

Future Gas Series Sponsors

The Future Gas Series is sponsored by the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) and the Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA).

Further Information

If you would like some more information about the Future Gas Series or Carbon Connect please contact us via or 0207 202 8571.