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Food Waste: Scrutinising the EFRA Committee inquiry

Food Waste: Scrutinising the EFRA Committee inquiry

6th July 2017

The APSRG hosted a panel discussion this Monday in the House of Lords which featured Neil Parish MP (Chair of the EFRA Committee) and Kerry McCarthy MP (Chair of the APPG on Food Waste) scrutinising the recommendations set out in the recent EFRA inquiry into food waste in England.

This event, chaired by Baroness Jenkin of Kennington, also featured high-profile speakers from across the food waste sector inlcuding the CEO of WRAP - Marcus Gover  - as well as Tim Smith (Group Quality Director at Tesco), the Director of Food at FareShare (Mark Varney) and Dr Julian Parifft (Resource Policy Analyst at Anthesis). 

Panellists discussed a number of issues, including whether or not there is a need for legislation on food waste; the role of 'naming and shaming' poorly performing food retailers who are under-delivering on food waste reduction; the challenges of driving consumer change in order to achieve lower levels of food waste; amongst other topics.

A full position paper on this event will be issued by the APSRG shortly. 

A number of media outlets have covered this event, including BusinessGreen, Edie and Let's Recycle

The packed-out room in the House of Lords included attendees from Plan Zheroes, Feedback, the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership, Sainsbury's, Defra, Hubbub and more.