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UKIEG "Healthy Indoor Environments: Challenges For Policymakers" Report Launch

UKIEG "Healthy Indoor Environments: Challenges For Policymakers" Report Launch

21st June 2017

"Since people spend a large amount of time indoors, the indoor environment plays a key role in supporting occupant health and wellbeing throughout the life course. However, a multitude of indoor factors can individually or collectively have a negative effect on occupant health and wellbeing, ranging from, for example: exposures from indoor or outdoor sources of chemicals and other air pollutants, light, noise, moisture or temperature. These are influenced by many factors, including building configuration and materials, positioning of buildings within the wider urban context, and building operation. Wider aspects such as affordability, availability of space, and access to amenities can also impact on health and wellbeing."

This report, published by the UK Indoor Environments Group (UKIEG), aims to identify the key challenges these issues with indoor air quality presents to policymakers.

The key challenges will be discussed at the launch event, organised by APPCOG and chaired by our co-chair Barry Sheerman MP. 


The Houses of Parliament
United Kingdom