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Policy Connect is the not-for-profit organisation behind groups including the All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group, Carbon Connect and the All-party Carbon Monoxide Group to name a few. It has a long running history of success in running Forums, Commissions and All-Party Parliamentary Groups. 

With more than two decades in policy advisory and research, Policy Connect is very much looking forward to boosting the presence of the APPCCG and developing it further in order to take its impact to the next level.

Our selection of officers includes:

  • Caroline Lucas MP (Green Party) - Chair

  • Daniel Zeichner MP (Labour) - Vice-Chair

  • Clive Lewis MP (Labour) - Vice-Chair

  • Lord Redesdale (Liberal Democrat) - Vice-Chair

  • Stephen Gethins MP (SNP) - Vice-Chair

  • Lord Oxburgh (Crossbench) - Vice-Chair

  • The Earl of Selborne (Conservative) - Vice-Chair

  • Stephen Doughty MP (Labour) - Vice-Chair

  • Rebecca Pow MP (Conservative) - Officer

  • Barry Gardiner MP (Labour) - Officer

  • Roger Godsiff MP (Labour) - Officer

  • Rachael Maskell MP (Labour) - Officer

  • Sandy Martin MP (Labour) - Officer

  • Alex Sobel MP (Labour) - Officer

The APPCCG will continue to engage Government departments and Parliamentarians alongside the private and public sectors to drive forward the issues of climate change that are ever-present across the country. 

With this selection of officers the APPCCG aims to influence effective policymaking and put climate change adaptation and mitigation at the centre of decision making. This will ensure economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Members of the APPCCG can now get involved with the Group’s activities on a regular basis and connect directly with the Government to promote significant issues and research conducted by Policy Connect’s sustainability team.

All of the above will be delivered by the sustainability team at Policy Connect who are passionately involved in environmental policy work, already overseeing Carbon Connect, the Westminster Sustainable Business Forum, the All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group and the Sustainable Resource Forum.

APPCCG commitment to transparency and scrutiny

The APPCCG is entirely committed to ensuring its activities, membership and funding are entirely transparent. The Group is an official 'All-Party Group' and regularly lobbies Government on key sustainability and waste sector issues, campaigning widely for improved sustainability policy thinking to be adopted across government departments. Under no circumstances does the APPCCG endorse, support, lobby for or campaign on behalf of one organisation. 

The Group operates according to a strict Code of Governance. The Group is funded through a combination of annual membership fees from its associate (non-parliamentary) members and project based sponsorship for specific research projects. The APPCCG and its work is driven solely by its Parliamentary Officers and Members; as such, the Group's non-parliamentary members do not have voting rights within the Group and cannot dictate its activities. The Group's entry on the official Parliamentary Register of All-Party Groups can be viewed here.

The APPCCG is administered by Policy Connect, a cross-party, non-profit think tank based in Southwark. Policy Connect is entirely committed to upholding the principle of transparency in UK parliamentary and public affairs and welcomes any questions you may have on its work and activities. 

Please download the minutes from the most recent AGM, which includes the official financial statement of the All-Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group for 2015/2016 here.

This is not an official feed of the House of Commons of the House of Lords. It has not been approved by either House or its committees. All-Party Parliamentary Groups are informal groups of Members of both Houses with a common interest in particular issues. The views expressed in the webpages are those of the group.

Secretariat arrangements 

New regulatory guidance issued by the Registrar of Consultant Lobbyists means that think tank policy organisations such as Policy Connect will need to be listed on the register. Communicating our work and policy research to government ministers is an important part of our principle to promote better public policy; we therefore welcome the new guidance. Policy Connect joined the register on 12 June and a further note is available on the website. The entry on the Register will, at this stage, simply list the APPGs and forums supported by Policy Connect.  Going forward, as and when Policy Connect staff directly communicate with Ministers on behalf an APPG or Forum, we will need to include the names of our funding organisations on the Register entry. As you will be aware we have published details of our associate members and funders on our own website and the APPG register for many years. We will provide updates about these new arrangements as part of our regular communications.