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    What our people say

    “I am delighted to be working with the All-Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group to make headway tackling the threat of climate change. Their work is essential and provides the perfect platform for important dialogue between experts, stakeholders and policymakers.” Daniel Zeichner MP, Labour Member of Parliament for Cambridge.

    "I truly think the [APPCCG] programme is excellent, covering a very wide range of issues with great professionalism." - Brian Cutherbertson, Head of Environment and Sustainability, Diocese of London

    “The APPCCG works proactively to keep climate change on the Parliamentary agenda. A regular newsletter provides informative updates and regular events focused on key topical issues - such as ‘Brexit’ and the impacts of a hung Parliament - as they relate to climate change help to raise awareness and promote better, more informed policy.” - Neil Wallis, Head of Communications, Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership

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    Claudia Jaksch, Dr Alan Whitehead MP, Tom Heap, Lord Deben, Peter Aldous MP, Geraint Davies MP

    New Feature

    Brexit Series report launch held on 12th July

    The Brexit Series report launch was held on Wednesday 12th July in Portcullis house. The panel discussion was chaired by Tom Heap, with speakers The Rt Hon the Lord Deben (Chairman of the Committee on Climate Change); Dr Alan Whitehead MP (Shadow Energy and Climate Change Minister); Geraint Davies MP (former Member of the Environmental Audit Committee and the European Scrutiny Committee); Peter Aldous MP (former member of the Environmental Audit Committee); and Claudia Jaksch (Chief Operations Officer and Head of Sustainability at Policy Connect). 

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    What are the priorities for a sustainable economy in the new Parliament?

    The APPCCG, the APSRG, Carbon Connect and WSBF at Policy Connect hosted the 'What are the priorities for a sustainable economy in the new Parliament?' event in the House of Lords on 5th July 2017.

    The speakers were Mary Creagh MP, Angela Smith MP, Alex Sobel MP, Anna McMorrin MP, Baroness MacIntosh, Baroness Pickering, and Lord Krebs.

    Key points of discussion included:

    1. the low carbon economy
    2. the future energy fix, including the role of shale gas
    3. a new Environmental Protection Act
    4. the role of the Circular Economy
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    About the APPCCG

    Welcome to the All-Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group (APPCCG). As part of Policy Connect's sustainability team, we raise awareness about the threat of climate change and promote policies to counter that threat.

    We are a coalition of leading businesses, parliamentarians and organisations informing better policy-making in government. The APPCCG puts climate change adaption and mitigation at the core of its work, and at the core of decision making.

    The APPCCG aims to encourage effective policymaking in Westminster through a number of key events, roundtable discussions and fundamental research activity.

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    BLOG: Climate Change: A Space Odyssey

    Since early pioneering weather satellites were launched in the 1960s, Earth observation (EO) satellites have grown to monitor almost all markers of environmental health and are now essential in informing key decisions on tackling climate change. The quality of the data is therefore vital - and the UK’s National Physical Laboratory is part of an international drive to provide governments and international organisations with the most accurate satellite measurements possible.

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The APPCCG is the leading forum informing the climate change discussion between parliamentarians, business leaders, NGOs and academics.