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  • New Feature

    APDIG Respond to Design and Technology GCSE Consultation

    The APDIG has submitted their response to the Department for Education's Consultation on the new Design and Technology GCSE curriculum.  

    Whilst the move to a single award (and not specialised) is welcome, concerns have been raised over the sharp decline in participation rates of the subject overall. The APDIG are also keen for the Department to recognise the complexity and diversity of contemporary design practice, no longer so heavily focused on the creation of a final product, but the process of iterative design and prototyping as a valued skillset in itself.

    You can download a copy of the response here

  • New Feature

    New Design Commission Inquiry

    The Design Commission launched its latest inquiry in June and has been collecting evidence throughout July. 

    Exploring the relationship between design and behaviour in the built environment, the inquiry will seek to reinvigorate our understanding of the role planning policy can play in driving positive social outcomes across the UK's local communities.

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  • New Feature

    Design is a British success story

    Members of the All-Party Parliamentary Design & Innovation Group recently took part in a rountable discussion with Baroness Neville Role, the Minister for Intellectual Property. Discussion ranged from cuts to design education (including a decrease in takeup at GCSE level); members' concerns about the protection of IP rights in a culture of free pitching; and feedback on current enforcement procedures, with access to justice out of reach for the vast majority of small design business.

    A full write-up of the discussion can be found here

The All-Party Parliamentary Design and Innovation Group is a forum for open debate between Parliament and the UK’s design and innovation communities.