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  • New Feature

    'Hidden dangers' of barbecues highlighted by BBC World News

    The risks of carbon monxoide (CO) poisoning associated with solid fuel use has been highlighted recently by BBC World News. 
    In the video feature, Claudia Hammond explores the 'hidden dangers' of carbon monoxide poisoning posed by barbecues, speaking to Professor Roland Wessling of Cranfield University about his own personal experience of CO poisoning. 
    To view the original video, please click here.


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  • New Feature

    Loose Women: Say No to CO

    Forum Advisory Board members Chris Bielby and Roland Wessling have appeared on ITV's Loose Women [WATCH].

    They spoke in support of the new #SayNoToCO campaign, launched on the programme on June 30th.

    The campaign follows the deaths of Christi and Bobby Shepherd, who were killed by carbon monoxide while on holiday in Corfu in 2006.
    Loose Women has given away 3,000 carbon monoxide alarms as part of the campaign.

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  • New Feature

    Festival goers urged to stay CO aware this festival season

    A worrying number of festival goers aren’t aware of the risks of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning while camping at festivals, a new safety campaign is warning. 
    #TunesnotFumes will raise the profile online about risks of poisoning through the use of BBQs, stoves and heaters at festival campsites. It is a joint initiative of the Forum-member Gas Distribution Networks, and incorporates an online game called iFEST.
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  • New Feature

    Public Health England publishes BBQ camping warning video

    With Easter around the corner, Public Health England has released a video warning viewers of the dangers of carbon monoxide from barbecues. 

    In its 2015 inquiry report, the All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group focussed on 'Campsite Environments', highlighting the increasin focus on this area of danger. Click here for more details.

    Follow Public Health England on twitter (@PHE_UK), or read the latest Gas Safe Register statistics on summer gas safety

  • New Feature

    Gas Safety Trust launches online Carbon Monoxide Portal

    The Gas Safety Trust launched its new CO portal at an event held at the Science Museum in London.

    The Portal has been created to host and signpost data and information relating to carbon monoxide in the UK as recommended in the 2011 All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group report, ‘Preventing Carbon Monoxide’.

    Visit the CO Portal website here.

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  • New Feature

    National Media report on new Katie Haines Memorial Trust campaign

    The Evening Standard, BBC, Daily Mirror and other media outlets have talked to the family of Katie Haines, who drowned in 2010 when she was overcome by carbon monoxide and slipped under the water.

    Gordon Samuel, Katie Haines' father, was also interviewed on London Live with Baroness Finlay. The interviews coincide with a new video produced by the Katie Haines Memorial Trust to encourage alarm ownership.

    Click here to watch the new Katie Haines Memorial Trust video.

  • New Feature

    Welcome to the Carbon Monoxide All Fuels Action Forum website

    The Carbon Monoxide All Fuels Action Forum exists to bring together all organisations and stakeholders committed to tackling carbon monoxide poisoning in the UK. 

    We're keen to hear from any organisation or individual who shares our commitment to eradicating carbon monoxide poisoning in the UK. 

    Please get in touch.

The Carbon Monoxide All Fuels Action Forum is a coalition of energy industry representatives, medical professionals, researchers, campaigners, and others committed to tackling carbon monoxide poisoning in the UK.